The Elixir Kitchen: Natural Roots Wellness Foraging Sessions

Your Backyard & Beyond: Foraging & Plant ID

Lachelle & Eva have joined forces to create Natural Roots Wellness and the Elixir Kitchen where you can join them to explore the world of plant remedies and nutritional healing. In this session, we will go no further than right in our own backyards and neighborhoods to see what wild herbs can be used for food and medicine. We will learn about foraging, what it is and the history of this ancient way of sourcing food and medicine. Next we will learn about 5 of the most common medical plants found right in our back yards and neighborhoods.

We will focus on a featured mystery herb that Chef Lachelle will lead the class in preparing a shared meal of wild herb pesto pasta, seasonal salad and garlic bread, while Eva walks us through the preparation of an herbal cough syrup that you can add to your home pharmacy just in time for the changing season’s sniffles and sneezes!

What is an Apothecary? Your Natural Medicine Cabinet

“What the heck is an apothecary?” “How can I preserve local plants to create my own natural medicine cabinet?” Now that you’re primed on how to forage for beneficial plants in your own backyard, look no further than this second session of the Elixir Kitchen’s Foraging Series to answer these questions about stocking your own Natural Medicine Cabinet.

Eva & Lachelle will review their top 10 favorite plants, their uses and ideas for how to prepare and store them. Our featured plant for this session is elderberry! Chef Lachelle will lead the class in preparing an elderberry cobbler, while Eva walks us through the preparation of an elderberry jelly. We’ll also be creating a tincture to boost your immune system for the upcoming winter season!

Tonics & Tinctures: Whole Body Health

In the third session of the Elixir Kitchen’s Foraging Session Series, we invite you to discover the difference between tonics, tinctures and fire ciders. This class has a unique focus on the herb rosemary and its many attributes and benefits. Learn about their personal journeys to plant healing as Eva walks us through the preparation of fire cider and rosemary tincture. Chef Lachelle will prepare a seasonal salad with Rosemary’s Fire Vinaigrette, a combination of fire cider and rosemary infused oil curated by Natural Roots Wellness. We will conclude the session with a bonus conversation about natural yoni care and womb health.

The Elixir Kitchen is a groundbreaking series of 3 workshops based on two guiding foundations:

Food is medicine. Power in plants.

While our offerings may change from season to season, these classes are offered year-round for $50 a person. Book a workshop with us today over at our booking page!

This season, we’re working with…

creeping Charlie, dandelion, plantain, lambsquarters, and white clover.

Disclaimer: Herbs are powerful medicine; when used correctly they can have major healing affects. Because they are so powerful, they should be used with caution. We are not medical practitioners and do not diagnose or treat any disease.

Please, in all things you do for your health, follow the guidance of your trusted health advisor.

Other Services by Natural Roots Wellness

Community Connection Foraging Sessions

Join Eva and Lachelle as they explore all of the wild edible and medicinal plants they can find in a neighborhood near you. Come connect with nature and learn about foraging, plant ID and all the natural healing that is right in your backyard and beyond! These public sessions are listed on our Events page. There is a 12 person maximum per session, so register to join us while you can!

Foraging and Holistic Wellness: Individual Consultations

Tonics, tinctures, ciders, salves, and sprays…. Feeling a little overwhelmed by taking your health into your own hands? Wondering where to begin on your path to wellness? We offer personal appointments where we listen to your story, create a targeted holistic health assessment based on your needs, and provide recommendations, products, and recipes for your wellness journey!

Honoring the Divine Feminine: Small Group Cooking and Yoni Health Sessions

We understand the importance of connecting with loved ones and strengthening the health of our hearts and communities. There’s a sacred energy to women gathering together and this session aims to channel that energy into an open, positive space. This private small group session (with you and up to seven of your friends) features a nourishing plant-based meal from Lachelle that everyone can cook together! After we eat, Eva will provide herbal knowledge about womb care and yoni health with some of the featured local forageables from the day’s meal. Know thy self and be informed about womb care!

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