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Ready to Book?

Natural Roots Wellness is currently accepting bookings for Fall 2021! Currently we are offering a blend of in-person classes and a virtual education series.

Interested in an upcoming event?

If you would like to drop-in on an already-existing class or lecture series, please check our Events page for opportunities.


August 15 – Your Backyard & Beyond: Foraging & Plant ID

11 am – 1 pm; $50/person. In this session, we will go no further than right in our own backyards and neighborhoods to see what wild herbs can be used for food and medicine. We will learn about foraging, what it is and the history of this ancient way of sourcing food and medicine. Purchase your tickets to this event here!

September 19 – What is an Apothecary?: Your Natural Medicine Cabinet

11am – 1pm; $50/person. Join Chef Lachelle and Eva at Frogtown Farm to explore the world of plant remedies and nutritional healing. In this session featuring elderberry, we will learn what the heck an apothecary is and how to create your own natural medicine cabinet! Purchase your tickets here.

October 24 – Tonics and Tinctures

11am – 1pm; $50/person. Discover what tonics, tinctures and fire ciders are as we focus on the herb rosemary and its many attributes and benefits. Learn about Lachelle and Eva’s personal journeys to plant healing as Eva walks us through the preparation of fire cider and rosemary tincture and Lachelle prepares a seasonal salad with Rosemary’s Fire Vinaigrette. Click here to purchase tickets to the event.

Book with us!

Please schedule your booking using the Scheduler above. A current listing of services we offer is also available. Have any questions? Feel free to contact us! We look forward to hearing from you.


The Elixir Kitchen: A 3 Part Series

Dig deeper with Chef Lachelle Cunningham and reveal what has been lost and forgotten about this major pillar in the foundation of American Cuisine. We welcome you to join us in honoring soul food and giving it its proper place in culinary history.

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Individual or Small-Group Wellness Coaching

We’re excited to provide individual and small-group consultations for those looking to reconnect with their health, body, and history. Check our services page at the link below for a more detailed list of offerings.

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